Genital Warts Treatment

What Are the Treatment Options for Genital Warts?

Genital warts can be unpleasant, itchy, and unattractive, although they often don’t produce symptoms. Fortunately, there are some therapies that can be helpful. Some treatments for external warts include:

The recommended course  Best Genital warts of therapy will depend on a number of factors, including the size, location, and number of warts you have as well as your own treatment preferences.

Creams, Gels, and Ointments:

Imiquimod cream, podofilox gel, and sinecatechins ointment are a few options for gels, creams, and ointments.

Imiquimod is a cream that you may use to strengthen your immune system by putting it on external warts. During 16 weeks, you use imiquimod 5% cream three times each week at bedtime. Every night, you apply imiquimod 3.75% cream. Regardless of the intensity, wash the affected area with soap and water six to ten hours after application. Since imiquimod might weaken condoms and diaphragms, avoid having intercourse while it is on your skin.

Podofilox and podophyllin resin are gels meant to kill the warts. Let the region air dry after applying them to an external wart before putting on garments. Cervical warts are not suggested to be treated with podofilox.


Moreover, your doctor may use a cryoprobe or liquid nitrogen together with a cotton-tipped applicator to completely freeze the warts off. 10 to 20 seconds are spent applying the cold. Your doctor could use a local anaesthetic to numb the area initially if you have several or huge warts.


This can remove all of your warts in a single appointment. The doctor will provide a local anaesthetic before employing several techniques to eradicate your warts. They consist of:

They were cut off with scissors.

removing them with a razor’s edge (this is called shave excision)

laser removal to get rid of them (curettage laser)

utilising electrocautery, 

Acid Solutions:

The warts can be treated with trichloroacetic or bichloroacetic acid by your doctor. Once every week, a tiny amount will be applied, and it will be allowed to dry. This can be used to treat vaginal, cervical, and anal warts and is most effective on tiny, wet warts.

Treatments for Internal Warts:

The suggested therapies for warts on the vagina or cervical area are:

Liquid nitrogen or cryotherapy

Acidic removal during surgery

The best treatments for warts in the urethra, the tube that connects the kidneys to the bladder, are cryotherapy or surgical removal.

What If I Don’t Get Treated?

Warts on the genitalia may disappear on their own or persist. Also, if you don’t get treated, you can get larger or more genital warts.

Genital Warts Treatment Side Effects:

These are unusual. If you haven’t had enough time to recover between treatments, they may include scarring or skin discoloration.

More rarer even is persistent, severe discomfort. Having a bowel movement could hurt if you have anal warts. Fistulas, which are skin tunnels that connect your anus to the outside, are another potential ailment. To repair it, surgery is required.

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